Meet the team behind RatherBe

At RatherBe we've assembled a small, driven team of entrepreneurial folks with deep experience building leading web and mobile products. We're based in Los Angeles and San Francisco and are always looking for like-minded people to join our growing team - if you're interested, get in touch at

Steve Hansen

Founder / CEO

Steve has been running digital companies since he left Universal Studios in 1997, just as the internet was starting to gain real traction. His first digital job was with a small startup called GeoCities where he had the pleasure of working with two brilliant pioneers David Bohnett and John Rezner. Steve has since done everything from a data storage company, to youth sports, e-commerce, and even digital publishing... Read more

After deciding it was time to start his own company, Steve began exploring a few options and ended up back where he started - online communities, specifically how people connect in the real world vs. in the digital world. He didn’t think anyone had ever gotten “it” right. Steve was told by dozens of very smart people that he was crazy to take on something so ambitious, but obviously didn’t listen.

A native of Long Beach, CA, Steve grew up surfing and sailing in the Pacific ocean, and is still a very active participant in the A-Class Catamaran sailing community.

Fun facts

1. An avid athlete, Steve completed his first Ironman triathlon in 2004.

2. Steve is a die-hard USC Trojan fan.

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Chris Koehler

Founder / Technology

Chris is involved with RatherBe because there's nothing he’d rather be doing than working with smart people solving difficult/interesting problems. He feels that existing social platforms fall short when he simply wants to surround himself with others who share his interests.

Previously, Chris was the Engineering Manager, Advanced Projects at TrueCar, developing greenfield applications while riding a rollercoaster. He also had a stint as a consultant at Raytheon Missile Systems, but if he told you what he worked on, he’d have to kill you... Read more

Chris would rather be SCUBA diving, skiing, traveling or at happy hour with friends.

Chris lives in Silicon Beach (Westside Los Angeles) with the love of his life and three dogs (purebred Anatolian shepherd and 2 rescues). He frequently travels to Tahoe and Palm Desert, has been SCUBA diving in the Galapagos, on the Great Barrier Reef, Hawaii, Saba and all over Mexico.

Fun facts

1. Chris won a triathlon.

2. He has been shark diving.

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Katie McCann

Founder / Product

Katie likes RatherBe because she’s sick of untargeted social media - her Facebook news feed is full of content she simply doesn’t care about.

Katie previously ran product & engineering at Byliner, a digital publishing startup trying to change the way readers discover and consume great longform content. Before that, she ran all used car buying and pricing products at Read more

Katie lives in San Francisco with her cuddly yet neurotic cat Ringo. In her spare time, Katie can be found perfecting her eka pada bakasana (a.k.a. one-legged crow pose) in a yoga class or hiking up in Marin County. Her favorite vacations include trekking in Nepal, safari in Kenya, and SCUBA diving on the Great Barrier Reef.

Fun facts

1. At age 8, Katie could be found holed up in her mom’s basement writing BASIC programs on an Apple II Plus.

2. Katie gave up her competitive swimming career over 20 years ago, but is now training to swim from Alcatraz Island to San Francisco in next summer’s SharkFest swim.

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Jeremy O'Day

Founder / Technology gets Jeremy out of bed in the morning for two reasons: a) he’s fanatical about working on challenging technical problems with really smart people and b) there isn’t a place that effectively allows people to connect with each other around the many unique passions that define them as individuals... Read more

Previously, Jeremy was the Senior Platform Architect at He spent the vast majority of his time making sure that anytime you wanted to know what any vehicle should cost, that price was available in a matter of milliseconds. Before that, Jeremy was a Technical Lead on the Singles team at Eharmony, which basically meant that when someone decided it was go time on the web, they could find that perfect match.

Jeremy’s first and most pervasive passion is technology and this shows in the very DNA of We are constantly improving, asking ourselves difficult questions, and are never afraid to break something down so that people can connect more deeply with each other.

When Jeremy is not thinking about technology problems, he is thinking about problems in education both at a personal and societal level. We are not doing our best for our children and he is devoted to changing that for them.

Outside of technology and education, Jeremy loves the deeply competitive nature of sports, specifically youth sports and the journey kids are on to find their own passions. Much of his Fall and Winter seasons are spent watching football and baseball while kicking out code on his laptop.

He also enjoys spending time outdoors: on a hike, in a tent or motorhome, or getting his ’93 Land Rover out to see what breaks in the mud. His most frequent vacation is taking road trips - he drives all year between Los Angeles and Phoenix so jumping in the car is natural. He frequents South Lake Tahoe, Sedona and the Central Coast of California.

Fun facts

1. Most people wouldn’t guess it but Jeremy is a hardcore metalhead. has been built with Slayer, Lamb of God, Ministry, Slipknot, Clutch, Sepultura, and Soulfly blaring in the background.

2. Jeremy’s dog Cali is his faithful software partner next to his desk and has as much input on as anyone.

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Anastasia Victor


Anastasia joined RatherBe because she’s a social media addict who loves being part of an incredibly talented and hilarious team. She not only gets to work with people who inspire her but is able to drive the design of a project with vast potential, which is pretty awesome.

She has a background in architecture/environmental design and has worked on everything from 3D printing with the UC Berkeley CAD/CAM lab to designing toilets for the Gates Foundation and living walls for SFMOMA... Read more

Though freelancing for a while, she was previously UI/UX designer for SecretScoop, an SF based Thai Gelato company and a UX/industrial designer at Hypahe, an ecological engineering start-up.

Anastasia would rather be outdoors and/or playing around with virtual reality, doing yoga, buying/listening to records.

She is originally from Malaysia but grew up in Australia and loves traveling, dogs and her totally rad husband.

Fun facts

1. Anastasia wrote thesis at UC Berkeley on using Brain Computer Interfacing as an input modality for automated environments.

2. Her middle name is Shakira.

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Joshua Secor


Josh likes working on RatherBe because he loves building things and thinks it’s exciting to help build a company and product from scratch, especially as a new developer.

His last role was as Director of Communications at Gathr Films where he had a number of responsibilities, including overseeing email marketing and customer support. He also worked in product management and did some data reporting work, which is how he got the urge to move into the world of coding... Read more

He also worked for a company called Hello Music, where he was involved very early on. He was the company's first intern, and later was hired on for a customer support role where he saw the company grow and evolve from just an idea into a successful business.

Josh is most passionate about music. He comes from a family of professional musicians and music teachers, and has been playing and writing music since he was a kid. He likes everything from jazz to rock to pop, and enjoys keeping up with new music coming out.

His favorite vacation spots are Santa Cruz and Lake Tahoe - anywhere he can relax on a beach.

Fun facts

1. Josh’s parents are both retired music teachers, and Josh plays trumpet, piano, guitar, and bass.

2. As a teenager, Josh performed with an orchestra at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

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Daniel Cox


Working for RatherBe has been a life changing experience for Daniel. He loves technology, and building RatherBe has been a great journey that is still not over. The people that he works with are some of the smartest people he’s ever met, and Daniel finds an opportunity everyday to learn something new. The team’s put in so many hours, days, weeks, & months into the product, Daniel can’t wait to see what others think!.. Read more

Some of Daniel’s favorite hobbies include racing cars (or anything to do with cars), playing video games, & watching Formula One. He has always been an avid gamer, and his favorite games include Halo 5, Madden, Rocket League & Grand Theft Auto. I currently own a C63 AMG, which I love. I have the “need for speed.” There is nothing more satisfying than the thrill of racing cars.

Daniel shares an apartment in Long Beach with his sister Katie & their dog, Sophia, a miniature pinscher. Some of Daniel’s favorite vacation spots include Hawaii, Lake Tahoe, & Texas (for Formula One races).

Fun facts

1. Daniel’s father named one of his racehorses after Daniel, “DJ Cox,” because his full name is Daniel Joseph Cox.

2. Daniel’s favorite places to race cars are Button Willow, AutoClub Speed Way, & Willow Springs.

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Katie Cox

Editorial / Executive Assistant

Katie wakes up everyday (and sometimes do not go to sleep at all) filled with excitement because she is a part of RatherBe. What excites her is building an entity that will one day become an integral part of the everyday lives of millions of people. What thrills her is not what RatherBe will do for people, but how Rather Be will make them feel.

Prior to RatherBe, Katie worked at The Belmont Athletic Club, as a Towel Technician... Read more

The strongest passion Katie’s life is riding horses. Riding makes her feel like she can conquer anything. She has a Boston Terrier named Stella. She is very lazy, we love to lounge while watching our favorite shows including The Blacklist, Blood & Oil, Criminal Minds, & Orange is the New Black. Also, Stella loves to travel. Some of our favorite vacation spots include Hawaii, Lake Tahoe, & New York City!

Fun facts

1. Despite her petite stature, Katie rides giant horses and is able to control them and master their movements. She is nationally ranked in equestrian, a sport that is uncommon to the average person.

2. Katie is currently juggling working at RatherBe with being a college student, with a dream to one day be a USC Trojan.

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