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We all have things we’d rather be doing

RatherBe helps you experience the things you're passionate about. We're a new kind of digital media company - focused on bringing you high-quality, personalized content about the things you care about, surrounded by like-minded enthusiasts.

Sick of page after page of irrelevant content on social media sites? So are we, so we've built a tailored experience of content just for you, based on what YOU care about.

Share your passion with the world

Our powerful upload tools let you upload your own photos and videos, or you can embed content from around the web. Your story, told to people who care.

We’re in this together

RatherBe is a true labor of love for all of us. We want your feedback and thoughts as we keep working hard to improve the site. If you have questions, concerns or suggestions, drop us a line at support@ratherbe.com. We promise we read (and respond to) every email!

Thank you for joining us on this journey.